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  De Villaodon Casino Boogie


 Breeder :  De Villaodon Samoyeds


Shows Results:

  •  Best Baby in Show .- Con. Nac. Leganes´2009
  • Int. Show Cuenca´10 .- CAC; CACIB & BOB ( 15 months & one day old.
  • HD: "A/A"(excellent) ; Eyes examined and Clear

Am. Can. Ch. Vanderbilt´s Archangel


  Hips Result: "A"

 Am. & Can.Ch.. Polar Mist Stairway´s to Heaven


Am. Ch. Polar Mist Coke Is It


Am.Can.& Berm.Ch. Polar Mist Dr. Pepper

Am.Ch. Belaya´s Sergeant Papper  

 Am.Ch. Pepsi Kola of Polar Mist     

 Am. & Can.Ch. Polar Mist Ice Vixen

Am.Ch. Polar Mist de Icer of Aladdin

Am.& Can.Ch. Polar Mist Ain´t She Shassy

Am.Ch. Polar Mist Nirvana In Ice


 Am.Ch. Winterfrost´s Gyrfalcon

 Am.Ch. Wolf River´s Eagle                

  Am.Ch. Winterfrost´s Moonlighting

 Am.Ch. Polar Mist Russian Princess

 Am. & Can. Ch. Polar Mist First Stryke

 Am.Ch. Polar Mist Ice Princess        

 Am.Ch. Cot´n Pic´n Shangrila Chyna Silk


Am.& Can. Ch. Sanorka´s Moonlight Trip´T´Renj


 Am.Ch. Sanorka´s Moonlight Gambler

 Am. Ch. Risuko´s Mister Moonlight    

  Am. Ch. Sanorka´s Maiden Northwind

  Am. Ch. Sno-Questor´s Callikico O RenJ

 Am. Ch. Millcreeks Stacked Deck        

 Am. Ch. Mithril´s Belthil O´Luin        

 Am. Ch. Polar Mist Champagne on Ice


Am. Ch. Polar Mist Tidel Set´r

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Jet Set´r              

 Am. Ch. Polar Mist Nadja Kim Novak

 Am. & Can.Ch. Polar Mist Society Girl

Am. Ch. Wolf River´s Drumlin              

Am. & Can. Ch. Polar Mist Ice Vixen

De Villaodon Reggae & Rock


 Hips Result: "A"

     Padre : Vanderbilt Jagger Villaodon "JAGGER"

Hips Result: "A"

Am.CH. White Magic´s Rock Star


CH. Aliyabel´s Pride Of White Magic

Polar Mist Max-A-Million

Ch. White Magic Andromeda

CH. White Magic´s Sheera Sherie

Ch. White Magic Shanticlaire

 Whitewynd Bear O´White Magic

 Can.Am. CH Vanderbilt Plays The Field


Can. CH Risuko's Amorak at Katimavik

Am. CH Risuko's Joi of Snowonder

 Risuko's Cover Girl 

Am. CH Wolf River's Vanderbilt Mesa ROM

Am. CH Wolf River's Siberian Taiga 

 Am. CH Wolf River's Fata Morgana

Madre:  De Villaodon Pom-Pom "POM-POM

Hips Result: "A"

Ch. HNP in the Wink of a Knight

Hips Result: "A"

Ch. Hoof´N Paw´s Herescometheknight

Ch.Hoof´n Paw´s Wild Rose Knight

Ch. Hoof´n Paw´s Prairie Dawg

  Ch.Hoof´N Paw´s Ivory Knight

Ch. Hoof´n Paw´s Knight Rider

Ch. Asgard´s Lora From Shadow

Ch. De Villaodon Simphony-White

Hips Result: "A"

  Ch. Polar Mist Arctic Dreams

Ch.Polar Mist Tidel Set´r

Ch. Polar Mist Society Girl

Ch. Risa Polar de Villaodon

 Ch. Bogart De Villaodon 

  Ch. Skardu´s Xamanta



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