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  De Villaodon Tu si que Vales


Breeder :  De Villaodon Samoyeds

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  • HD: "A/A"(excellent) ; Eyes examined and Clear

  Am. Can. Ch. Vanderbilt´s Archangel "RAFFI"


  Am. & Can.Ch.. Polar Mist Stairway´s to Heaven

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Coke Is It

Am.Can.& Berm.Ch. Polar Mist Dr. Pepper

Am.Ch. Belaya´s Sergeant Papper  

 Am.Ch. Pepsi Kola of Polar Mist     

 Am. & Can.Ch. Polar Mist Ice Vixen

Am.Ch. Polar Mist de Icer of Aladdin

Am.& Can.Ch. Polar Mist Ain´t She Shassy

Am.Ch. Polar Mist Nirvana In Ice

 Am.Ch. Winterfrost´s Gyrfalcon

 Am.Ch. Wolf River´s Eagle                

  Am.Ch. Winterfrost´s Moonlighting

 Am.Ch. Polar Mist Russian Princess

 Am. & Can. Ch. Polar Mist First Stryke

 Am.Ch. Polar Mist Ice Princess        

  Am.Ch. Cot´n Pic´n Shangrila Chyna Silk

Am.& Can. Ch. Sanorka´s Moonlight Trip´T´Renj

 Am.Ch. Sanorka´s Moonlight Gambler

 Am. Ch. Risuko´s Mister Moonlight    

  Am. Ch. Sanorka´s Maiden Northwind

  Am. Ch. Sno-Questor´s Callikico O RenJ

 Am. Ch. Millcreeks Stacked Deck        

 Am. Ch. Mithril´s Belthil O´Luin        

 Am. Ch. Polar Mist Champagne on Ice

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Tidel Set´r

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Jet Set´r              

 Am. Ch. Polar Mist Nadja Kim Novak

 Am. & Can.Ch. Polar Mist Society Girl

Am. Ch. Wolf River´s Drumlin              

Am. & Can. Ch. Polar Mist Ice Vixen

Ch. De Villaodon Velvet "VELVET"  

    Ch. Polar Mist Mover N-A Shaker

Ch. Winterfrost's Gyrfalcon

Ch.Wof River´s Eagle

Ch. Wolf River´s Star

Ch. Seamist´s Raven o W.R.

Ch.Winterfrost´s Moonligthing

Ch. Wolf River´s Drumlin

 Ch. Casablanca´s Dash of P.

 Ch. Polar Mist Crystal Keesha

Ch. Ice Way´s Ice Breaker

Ch. Kiskas Karaholme Cherokee

Ch. Ice Way´s Ice Cube

 Ch. Polar Mist Saucy Minx

Ch. Ice Way´s Ice Breaker

 Ch. Polar Mist Ain´t She Foxy

 Ch. De Villaodon Kandy

Ch. HNP in the Wink of a Knight

Ch. Hoof´N Paw´s Herescometheknight

Ch.Hoof´n Paw´s Wild Rose Knight

Ch. Hoof´n Paw´s Prairie Dawg

  Ch.Hoof´N Paw´s Ivory Knight

Ch. Hoof´n Paw´s Knight Rider

Ch. Asgard´s Lora From Shadow

Ch. Risa Polar de Villaodon

  Ch. Bogart De Villaodon

Ch. El Al´s Elegant Prince Charly

White Ball

Ch. Skardu´s Xamanta

 Ch. Clan´s Banko

 Ch. Silverfiree´s Royche Belle



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